Food Industry Participation:Harry, Alan, and John A Warehime

     The Warehime family has been involved in the food industry for one hundred years, starting in the early 1900s. Harry Warehime, the founder of Hanover Canning Company, opened the company in 1924 with 60 employees canning his and other locally grown vegetables.

     The newly formed company canned Early June peas, beans, and tomatoes grown by Harry Warehime and other local Hanover, Pennsylvania farmers during the summer, and they processed sauerkraut in the winter. Additionally, they produced Olde Tyme Pretzels for the Hanover Pretzel Company. Harry's family became very active in the family business with his son Alan Warehime succeeding him as president 1955 and his grandson John Warehime becoming president and CEO in 1990. John A Warehime still holds the position of president and CEO of Hanover Foods providing vision and innovation as a leader guiding the company to continual research, development, expansion, growth, and profitability.

Time Line of Warehime Participation in the Food Industry:

  • 1909: Harry V. Warehime founded the Hanover Pretzel Company
  • 1924: Harry V. Warehime founded the Hanover Canning Company, starting with 60 employees canning locally grown vegetables
  • 1952: Hanover Canning Company started producing Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) vegetables in poly bags.
  • 1955: Alan R Warehime succeeds Harry V Warehime as President and Chief Executive Officer CEO.
  • 1960: Hanover Canning Company changes their name to Hanover Brands Inc.
  • 1961: Hanover Brands purchased Snyder's of Hanover.
  • 1969: Hanover Brands purchased ALCOSA in Guatemala, Central America for ability of year round vegetable crops, also processing & packaging
  • 1975: Hanover Brands acquires many regional food company products including names such as Myers, Phillips, Gibb's, Mitchells, SuperFine, O&C.
  • 1980: Snyder's of Hanover is spun off as an independent company.
  • 1980: Company changes name to Hanover Foods Corporation
  • 1990:

    John Warehime

    takes the helm of Hanover Foods Corporation; company acquires Spring Glen Fresh Foods of Ephrata, Pennsylvania to expand into the growing refrigerated fresh foods market. Under the leadership of

    John A Warehime

    , Hanover Foods experiences tremendous growth through development of the Hanover Foods brand as well as key acquisitions.
  • 1991: Purchased plant in Clayton, Delaware to expand frozen vegetables & frozen entrée production capabilities.
  • 1998: Purchased L. K. Bowman Mushroom Company in Nottingham, Pennsylvania this expanded product selection to include frozen, canned, and chilled mushrooms.
  • 1998: Hanover Foods Corporation (HFC) acquires Bickel's Snacks.
  • 1999: HFC purchased plant equipment and trademarks of Draper King Cole in Delaware.
  • 2000: Hanover Foods acquires York Snacks and Bonton Foods. These operations and the Bickel's potato chip plant purchased in 1998 made Hanover a full line snack manufacturer.
  • 2000: HFC purchased Ridgely, Maryland Saulsbury Brothers plant expanding frozen production to include onions, peppers, and squash.
  • 2003: HFC purchased WEGE Pretzel Company in Hanover, Pennsylvania.
  • 2004: HFC purchased SUNSPROUT of Lancaster County adding ability to grow & pack fresh sprouts.
  • 2004: Purchased VENICE MAID canned manufacturer of soups, gravy, pastas, entrees, & pureed meats and formed Aunt Kitty's Foods Inc.
  • 2008: Purchased Castleberry's adding additional canned products to the Hanover Food Co. family
  • 2010: Purchased snack foods producer Troyer Farms in Erie, Pennsylvania, merging Troyer Farms with Bickel's Snacks and creating a full line, high volume, snack producer. Mr. John A Warehime celebrates 20 years successfully at the helm of Hanover Foods Co.
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