John A Warehime

History of Food Processing Pioneer John Warehime of Hanover, Pennsylvania


Early Life and Family

     John Warehime was born in 1937, in

Hanover, Pennsylvania

, the son of Alan R Warehime and Rosedrey Rohrbaugh. John was the oldest of three children and grew up in and around growing and processing vegetables, learning from his father and grandfather. John studied and excelled at Massanutten Military Academy in Virginia and later Penn State University. John married Patricia in 1962 and they had three children.

John Warehime and Hanover Foods

     John A Warehime, joined his family's business in the 1950's and later graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1964 with dual degrees in agriculture and economics. John worked along side his father Alan, until Alan passed in 1990. In 1990 John A Warehime took over the helm of Hanover Foods Corporation, of Hanover, Pennsylvania, becoming Chairman and CEO. Under John's leadership the company expanded organically and through acquisitions. Hanover acquired Spring Glen Fresh Foods of Ephrata, Pennsylvania to expand into the growing refrigerated fresh foods market in 1990 and purchased a plant in Clayton, Delaware to expand frozen vegetables & frozen entrée production capabilities in 1991. In the late 1990's under John's direction Hanover Foods purchased the L. K. Bowman Mushroom Company in Nottingham, Pennsylvania which expanded product selection to include frozen, canned, and chilled mushrooms. Next the company purchased Bickel's and the plant equipment and trademarks of Draper King Cole company in Delaware.

     Mr. Warehime continued incorporating businesses that added to Hanover's existing product lines and other companies that expanded into complimentary product lines. In 2000 Hanover Foods acquired York Snacks and Bonton Foods. These operations and the Bickel's potato chip plant were purchased in 1998 which made Hanover Foods a full line snack manufacturer. Later that year Hanover Foods purchased Saulsbury Brothers plant in Ridgely, Maryland expanding frozen production to include onions, peppers, and squash. Mr. Warehime did not ease up on expanding and enhancing product lines acquiring WEGE Pretzel Company in Hanover, Pennsylvania, Sunsprout of Lancaster County, adding the ability to grow and pack fresh sprouts and Venice Maid canned manufacturer of soups, gravy, pastas, entrees, & pureed meats. Later in that decade Hanover purchased Castleberry's adding additional canned products to Hanover Food Corporation's family and purchased Troyer Farms in Erie, Pennsylvania, merging with Bickel’s Snacks and creating a full line, high volume snack producer.

His Legacy

     John Warehime picked up and ran with the foundational elements laid by his father and grandfather. John, possessing forward thinking, continued adding companies and brands to the Hanover Foods portfolio that both complimented and diversified exiting product lines. He provides vision and innovation as a leader guiding the company to continual research, development, expansion, growth, and profitability.
John Warehime

John A Warehime

John A Warehime adds to Spring-Glen to Hanover Foods portfolio
Bickels Brand added to Hanover Foods
John A Warehime brand growth at Hanover Foods